True Love

The story below occurred approximately 3 years ago at a party 


The other night I went to a friend’s ABC Christmas party to celebrate the end of exams. Originally I was not planning on attending the event, however something inside of me last minute decided that it would be a good idea. That decision was probably one of my better decisions in life.

The party was scheduled to commence at 8:30pm so, naturally, I arrived swiftly at 9:30pm when the party was actually going to start, however upon my arrival I quickly noticed that I was the first “non-resident” to arrive. Oops. Casually I began drinking my beer and was just quietly taking note of what was happening around me. Two of the girls who were hosting the party were taking shots from an “ice-luge” that they had created earlier that week, while the others were attempting to play beer-pong and dance with the music blasting in the background. Luckily, it took about ten minutes before other people started to arrive and by 10 o’clock the party was in full swing. That night, having just finished my last exam, I had gone to the party to have some fun. Just enjoy the company of people and not care what I do. That did happen, but not in the way that I had in mind.

Having located and claimed my spot on the wall, close enough to the music and people that it would look like I am participating in various activities but far enough that if I chose to not dance it wouldn’t be noticeable, I was quite content slowly sipping my beverage. I assumed that not many people would notice me as invisibility is one of my greatest powers. Beside me I saw this man, scrawny looking but looked like he had intelligence in him and did some physical activity such as hiking or biking. This boy looked so lost and out of place at the party. I don’t know why I decided to introduce myself, what quality about him made me compelled to talk with him but I did. I introduced myself and he told me his name was Max. Max was 21, looked to be about 6ft tall, Caucasian (European decent for sure), and he wore a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans. His hair was short and brown, a little bit unruly but not so much that it was unbearable. His name suited him. Max asked me if I attended school in the area and I informed him that yes, I did go to the local University and was studying Human Kinetics in hopes to becoming a doctor some day. He looked at me with confusion, telling me that he didn’t know what HK was. I told him that it was a cross between Sports Medicine and Bio-medical Science. Max seemed slightly impressed and when I asked what he did he said that he doesn’t attend school but is actually an entrepreneur who is in the process of creating these zipper-shoes. He told me that his passion is to one day create an empire. He then continued to talk and tell me about all of his ideas and creations. One of which was to combine the concept of Religion and Science. This is where it got interesting.

We started to get into a heated conversation about the trinity and the coming of Earth. Now in the bible (as I am told because I have never actually read it) it says that God created the world in 7 days, however being in science, I know that statement is false and in fact it took billions of years to create the physical entity that we call our planet. Although this is true, Max started to mention how that although the Earth took billions upon billions of years to be created, the spiritual aspect of Earth took 7 days. 7 days for everything to get a spirit and become a being. 7 days for all of the organisms to truly wake up and notice their surroundings. 7 days for the human spirit to grow. Seven. Our conversation soon took a turn to the tree of knowledge and how science and religion must intertwine to get the perfect balance, religion for the spiritual side and science for the biological and physical portions. He exclaimed that the core of balance is that of “True Love” and every action and reaction that occurs in humans and in nature, all branches off from “true love”. He asked me if I agreed, if I believed in love or true love. I looked at him straight in the eye and exclaimed “No. I don’t believe in love or true love for it does not exist.”

Lest I say that he was shocked.

“You don’t believe in love?! How so, how can one not believe in something that surrounds and engulfs us?” I looked at this man in front of me, and read his face. His eyes grew wide when he had talked and now they were staring at me, desperately searching for an explanation  His nostrils were moving ever-so slightly and his posture had stiffened in a way that was still warm and welcoming but at the same time guarded and on-edge. I knew that he was waiting for a response.

“I don’t know. I believe that there are many things that we do to try to mimic the idea of love, such as actions of kindness, being true, caring, and friendship but love is never actually there. Love is just an idea that we can never have. It’s sort of like the final destination. Everyone wants it and spends their whole lives looking for it and sometimes people get very close, but because it was never there, never existing to start, no one ever reaches it. Love remains an idea but it will never become an entity.”

He retaliated, “but is not everything branched from love. Is not the honesty and friendship and our actions just reflections and different forms of love? Is love not the core that shapes us and we are all of it’s children. Is love, true love, not the sun that gives us life? People always search for love thinking that it is something to be found and within their search, they lose sight of life and forget to live. If people learned that true love is actually the existence inside of them, that it is their heart, then they can truly live a full filling life because they have learned to live with true love. They would be living in balance. Love is what makes the Earth, what makes our solar system, what makes us as human beings function. Without it, we would be nothing and cease to exist.”

He sounded so passionate when he spoke and was really trying to convince me that love existed. He would not accept the fact that I didn’t believe in love, that I thought love was foolish and that one could lead a full-filling and balanced life without being bothered by the idea of love.

Our conversation carried on for about two and a half hours in which time my external environment seemed to have disappeared as I was so entranced in our discussion, that everything around me seemed minimal and unimportant. We were both so occupied and feeding off each others words that we were oblivious to the fact that one of the party goers had passed out and another was in the bathroom upstairs. Unaware that not only had the house become a mess but the music had changed from “party” to Spanish. Only when a drunk girl crashed into me that we were snapped back into reality and saw what was happening around us. Within minutes one of his friends came up and told him that they were heading downtown and that he was supposed to go as well. The friend also asked me if I wanted to join but with a smile I graciously declined, saying that I should be heading home soon and that I hadn’t initially planned on heading out.

Max and I looked at each other, realizing that our time together was rapidly coming to an end. He asked me what I thought about our conversation and I told him that it was refreshing, interesting and probably one of the most intellectual conversations I have ever had in my life. He smiled and responded that his eyes had been opened and he was now considering things from a new perspective. One that has never entered his mind before, one that he did not, until that night, believed to be possible. I guess we both learned a lot during that two hour time frame at a place where we a least expected it.

We said goodbye, giving each other a friendly hug, knowing that we would probably never see each other again but grateful for the bond we had created and would now share. I will always remember that day. That party. Max. It was one of those moments in life that you know will stick with you forever. It’s something that when you are 60 or 70 years old, you will look at your grandchildren and tell them about a conversation that you had with a stranger that you had never met at an ABC Christmas party in your second year at university that had changed your life forever.

Thank you Max, I am forever grateful that we met.